Create a Custom Report in eClinicalWorks

Healthcare practices typically want to create meaningful reports to evaluate the efficiency of their practice, provide government reports or to submit to their ACO. They want to improve their clinical performance or even identify opportunities to improve as a business.

Physicians and Practice Managers call on Mi7 Solutions to help them answer important questions.

  • How many of a certain procedure have we done within a specified date range?
  • How many people in our geographic area of service have a particular need that we can meet?
  • What opportunities can we identify to better serve our patients and the community at large?

Asking the right questions is important for your success as a practice. Getting good answers is critical, but not easy. Your EMR typically doesn’t give you everything you want in its default reports. With a custom report for your eClinicalWorks from Mi7, you now have the power to track and report on:

  • Practice Management
    • Referral
    • Case Management
    • Circle of Care Metrics
    • New Patient Conversion Rate
  • Financial
    • Claim Follow up
    • RVU Reporting
    • Provider Financial Productivity
    • GL Export
  • Clinical
    • Outstanding Orders
    • Telephone Encounter Follow-up
    • RX Follow-up
  • Productivity
    • Biller Productivity
    • Front Office Productivity
    • Patient Throughput
    • Clinical Productivity
  • Quality
    • CPC+
    • 340b
    • CAPS
    • Best in Class
    • Healthgrades
    • ICAHN

The Mi7 team has over a decade of experience working with eClinicalWorks, giving us the technical skill and experience to empower your system to answer your most important questions, and help your practice make more efficient use of your eClinicalWorks system.

Looking for a standardized eCW report? Check out some options from the Curas Report Store.

Contact us to find out how we craft solutions that enable medical organizations to succeed.